Introduction to the Identification and Care of Photographic Materials Workshop

Instructor: Marie-Lou Beauchamp
Dates: September 17, 24 and October 1
Time: 1: 30-3:30 pm
Fee: $ 30 per session

This series is an introduction to the identification and care of photographic materials. The series will discuss how to use identifying features to differentiate and identify a select range of photographic processes. Proper storage and handling techniques for photograph collections will also be covered.
The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) work with heritage professionals and institutions to help build their capacity for conserving and preserving objects and collections. CCI-CHIN offers the following webinars, which cover a variety of topics and appeal to a broad range of individuals. The webinars are designed to encourage questions and interaction between the presenters and participants. Webinars offered will vary from year to year, based on staff expertise and availability.

Each webinar may consist of one or more sessions of one to two hours in length. The webinars incorporate presentations from CCI-CHIN staff, discussion and sharing opportunities as well as question periods. A webinar series will cover more in-depth information on a specific topic. The webinars provide introductory-level information designed for staff and volunteers working in heritage institutions, unless a target audience is otherwise specified in the description.