Bonavista North Regional Museum and Gallery

People of the Wesleyville area were heavily involved in the Labrador fishery and the seal fishery, which is reflected in the large collection of domestic and fishery related artifacts of the Bonavista North Regional Museum. Savour the unique atmosphere of a Victorian bedroom setting, a colonial style of life and in particular a special Fishing Room that depicts the traditional Newfoundland inshore, Labrador and sealing fisheries. Prominent citizens of the area are also featured. Other items of interest include ships’ models and a 60-year-old horse-drawn hearse.

The museum is currently restoring an on-site cemetery to upgrade its exhibits and expand its operations to accomodate the growing regional tourism industry. Tour guides and a curator will be on site to provide interpretation and guided tours.

Other local attractions: scenic coast and rugged, picturesque area

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Bonavista North Regional Museum and Gallery

P.O. Box 257
Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0 

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