Edge of Avalon Interpretation Centre

The edge of avalon Interpretive Centre on Route 10 in Portugal Cove South is the starting point for your explorations at the edge of avalon. Come in to visit us and view a detailed interpretive map of the area, receive directions for hiking trails, and check out the bulletin board for special events and wildlife sightings. Our friendly staff interpreters are always ready to answer your questions and help you plan your day with up-to-date information and advice.

A tour of the centre exhibits is the perfect “appetizer” for your day at the Edge. One of our interpreters will be happy to accompany you and tell you the story of the Edge of Avalon Heritage Coast from the dawn of life on earth to present day. With this historical overview and the wonderful sense of place that our local staff, bring to their interpretation, you will be ready for the main course: a day of wonder and discovery at the edge of avalon.

The Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre at Cape Race is a replica of the original Marconi Marine Radio Station built at the same location in 1904 at the invitation of the Canadian Government. The replica building houses artifacts and exhibits that interpret the history of early telegraphy and wireless radio in Newfoundland, with a new Titanic Exhibit and Gift Shop opening in April, 2012. The Marconi station at the Cape was the first land station to answer Titanic’s distress call and helped to coordinate the rescue effort.
Cape Race has been a world-famous landmark for five centuries, appearing on maps made by European explorers as early as 1502. Before the days of wireless navigational aids and GPS, sailors used the sun and the stars to navigate. When mariners sailing from Europe saw Cape Race, they knew they had made it across the Atlantic and were finally able to verify their positions for the first time in weeks, or sometimes even months. The lighthouse at Cape Race is a national historic site.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve contains the oldest and largest known fossils of complex, multicellular organisms from 579-560 million years ago. Access by guided tour only, 1pm daily from the Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre. Tour is 3-4 hours and includes a 6 km return hike to the fossil site.

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Edge of Avalon Interpretation Centre

Off Route 10
Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland 

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