Sisters’ Dream School Museum

Mainland Heritage Committee Corporation

The Sisters’ Dream School Museum offers visitors a glimpse of life from the early 1900s with a unique perspective of the Francophone roots of Mainland (La Grande Terre). Fishermen from France traveled across the waters from Red Island and built the one-room school house in 1910. The school also contained a small altar which served the spiritual needs of the community by travelling priests. Upon construction of a new school, the building was transformed into a Chapel in 1972. When a new chapel was constructed, this historic building was slated for demise. Thanks to a dream of two sisters, Johanna Cornect and Maggie Benoit, and the dedication of their families, a committee was formed to transform the school room into a museum to preserve the area’s culture and heritage.

Community support and dedication prevented this building from demise and it now serves as a focal point of the community, attracting visitors from all over. The Sisters’ Dream School Museum consists of two sections; one depicting a one-room schoolhouse and the second housing artifacts and displays honoring life in the 1900s.

Surrounding the Sisters’ Dream School Museum is a picnic area overlooking the picturesque Red Island. A Tea Room and Craft Shop are also located on the grounds.

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Sisters' Dream School Museum

270 Main Road
Mainland, NL 

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