MANL Member Website Listing

MANL created a new website in 2021 to promote and serve its membership and we need to hear from our members! The online listing of our institutional members is an important component of the site. Updated information, including some recent photographs is required for each site. Thank you to all our members who have already provided this information to MANL.

The following information is required for the MANL Membership listing on MANL’s new website.
We ask that each organization provide the requested information.
1. Name of Museum / Heritage Society / Attraction:
2. Name of Organization / Governing Body (if applicable):
3. Town / Community Location:
4. Region: MANL will assign your region (i.e. St. John’s, Avalon, Eastern, Central, Western, Labrador)
5. Images: Please supply 1-2 photos that represent your organization. Images should be high resolution.

Listing Details
6. Physical Address: (this will help pinpoint your exact location on Google maps)
7. Year-round Contact Information: including email address, telephone number(s), website & social media
8. Operations: Are you open to the public? If so, seasonal or year-round basis?
9. Brief description: Please provide a brief description of your museum or heritage society.
10. Themes: Please indicate any themes which relate to your organization, and please rate them in order of importance and relevance. If we have left out a theme, or if you prefer different terminology, please let us know.

MANL Website Thematic Listings
Please select 1-5 themes which relate to your organization. If we have left out a theme, or if you prefer different terminology, please let us know.

1. Agriculture
2. Archeology
3. Architecture
4. Art gallery
5. Automotive
6. Aviation
7. Blacksmithing
8. Botanical Garden
9. Carpentry
10. Church history / Religion
11. Cobblers
12. Communications
13. Community / Regional History
14. Coopering
15. Crafts
16. Culinary
17. Early Settlement/Exploration
18. Ecology
18. Ecology
19. Fishery
20. Native Flora and Fauna
21. French Culture
22. Fur
23. Geology/Fossils
24. Genealogy
25. Health/medicine
26. Heritage Building
27. Historic Persons
28. Indigenous Peoples
29. Library / Archives
30. Lighthouse/LH Keepers
31. Living history site
32. Logging
33. Maritime History
34. Mercantile
35. Military History
36. Mining
37. Natural History / Science
38. Park / Nature trails
39. Photography
40. Police-history
41. Postal-services
42. Prehistory
43. Pulp and Paper
44. Radio broadcasting
45. Railway
46. Schools and education
47. Sealing
48. Service-organizations
49. Shipbuilding
50. Social / industrial history
51. Sports history
52. Tinsmith
53. Transportation
54. Utilities
55. Whaling
56. Other (Please specify)