Dorset Craft Shop & Miners’ Museum

Baie Verte Peninsula Economic Development Association

Located on the Baie Verte Peninsula, the Dorset Craft Shop & Miners’ Museum brings to life a typical mine from the late1800s to present day. A tunnel, much like a mine shaft, starts the tour and brings you out into a room that shows the tools of the mining trade and gives a glimpse into the home life of miners. View mineral samples commonly found in various mines on the peninsula, as well as tools and household items that miners from the early days would use. Six major mines in the Baie Verte area and Dorset Eskimo artifacts are explored in detail, illustrating the life of a miner from the late nineteenth century to present day. Visitor information is also available onsite.

Gift Shop Onsite (featuring Dorset Crafts).

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Baie Verte Miners’ Museum

319 Highway 410
Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador CA

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