MANL Newsletter

MANL’s newsletter is published biannually (twice a year), and it is the principal vehicle of communication with the membership. The Newsletter includes notices of professional development opportunities, updates from heritage groups around the province, interesting articles, and information about national events. It also offers a means for museums to showcase their projects and collections as well as an opportunity for event advertising within the heritage community. The newsletter is a wonderful way to find out what is happening in the heritage sector in the province and the country and is available in print and online. Submissions are welcome from MANL members.

Call for MANL Newsletter Submissions


MANL Newsletter - Fall, 2023, Volume 41, Number 1 (PDF)







MANL NEWSLETTER - Winter 2023 Volume 40, Number 2 (PDF)








MANL NEWSLETTER - Fall 2022 Volume 40, Number 1 (PDF)







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MANL NEWSLETTER - Winter 2022 Volume 39, Number 3 (PDF)







MANL Fall 2021 Newsletter Cover


MANL NEWSLETTER - Fall 2021 Volume 39, Number 2 (PDF)








MANL NEWSLETTER - Winter 2021 Volume 39, Number 1 (PDF)









MANL NEWSLETTER - Summer 2020 Volume 38, Number 2 (PDF)







MANL Winter 2020 Newsletter Cover


MANL NEWSLETTER - Winter 2020 Volume 38, Number 1 (PDF)








MANL NEWSLETTER - Summer 2019 Volume 37, Number 2 (PDF)








MANL NEWSLETTER - Winter 2019 Volume 37, Number 1 (PDF)








MANL NEWSLETTER - Summer 2018 Volume 36, Number 1 (PDF)