Member Services

MANL offers the following services to our members:

Member Website Listing

The online listing of our institutional members is an important component of MANL’s website. Each listing features a photo, a short description, contact information, hours of operation, and thematic categories.

To provide/update your listing information, please send the filled out MANL Member Website Listing Information Form and two images of your heritage attraction to

Advisory Services

MANL’s Professional Development Coordinator responds to requests for advice and information from museum committees, consulting firms, and individuals. This takes the form of advisory meetings, the preparation of individualized packages of relevant resource material, and/or the compilation of requested information, as required.

Annual General Meeting and Conference

MANL is a non-profit, charitable organization representing institutions and individuals interested in the preservation and promotion of the province’s material and cultural heritage. The Annual Conference brings together heritage and museum professionals, volunteers, staff, students, and supporters with diverse backgrounds and interests from across Newfoundland and Labrador as well as other parts of Canada and provides a comfortable environment for delegates to meet, share, and express ideas and topics of concern with one another. The conference is normally held in October.

In addition to the business of the association, a program of museum visits, and information exchange between members, MANL’s Annual Conference consists of presentations and discussions on museum-related topics. Each AGM is precluded with workshops that can be applied to MANL’s Museum Studies Certificate program.

Certificate Course in Basic Museum Studies

As part of its mandate to promote professionalism and skills development within the museum community, the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador provides a Certificate in Museum Studies. This program provides museum workers with a general introduction to current theories, standards, and best practices for museums. The content of the certificate program is based on topics covered in MANL’s Best Practices publication.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment Loan Program

MANL members can borrow specialized equipment such as light meters, temperature and relative humidity meters, and data loggers for a fixed period in order to monitor their museum environment. This monitoring equipment can be useful in helping to determine regulatory environmental levels as well as give the museum more knowledge into the effects the surrounding environment has on their collections. When borrowing data loggers, the museum is responsible for return shipping but will be provided a comprehensive graph detailing the environmental readings on light intensity, temperature and relative humidity. MANL can also provide consultations with museums on how to regulate environmental controls. Please note that museums must replace any damaged or lost equipment.

Museum Notes

As a supplement to its seminar program, MANL produces technical bulletins on selected topics from the full range of the museum studies curriculum. These “Museum Notes” are usually published in a one or two-page format and are distributed to the membership in tandem with the MANL Newsletter.


MANL’s newsletter is published biannually, and it is the principal vehicle of communication with the membership. The Newsletter includes notices of professional development opportunities, updates from heritage groups around the province, interesting articles, and information about national events. It also offers a means for museums to showcase their projects and collections as well as an opportunity for event advertising within the heritage community. The newsletter is a wonderful way to find out what is happening in the heritage sector in the province and the country and is available in print and online.  Submissions are welcome from MANL members. The deadline for article submissions is one month prior to the publication: December 1 for No. 1 (January) & June 1 for No. 2 (July).


The Association’s publication and distribution of the Guidelines for the Operation of Community Museums in Newfoundland and Labrador are helping to set professional standards of operation for community museums with better-trained staff and volunteers. The Summer Staff Manual provides organizations with a blueprint for training seasonal staff.  We also produce The Beginner’s Guide to Living History – a practical step-by-step guide that presents the basic principles of living history interpretation and walks you through the process of developing your own small-scale program. For more publications and resources visit our Publications page.

Resource Center Library Loan Service

MANL has a resource library that is composed of over 270 museum-related books and periodicals. The library covers topics related to museums such as conservation, collections management, operations, planning and evaluation, marketing and publicity, organizational relationships, and financial management.
MANL members can borrow these materials at no charge. We ask members to cover the cost of return postage and in some cases a security deposit. The loan period of resource centre materials is one month. After this time, resources that are not returned or renewed are subject to an overdue fee. The resource centre can also be accessed through the MANL office located in St John’s.


MANL conducts a yearly program of basic, intermediate, and advanced level seminars to meet the range of professional development needs among museum workers, from entry-level to mid-career. On occasion, we cooperate with related organizations in offering certain seminar topics of mutual interest. MANL has traditionally coordinated access to one seminar offered on a yearly basis through the Canadian Conservation Institute. For the most up-to-date schedule, please contact us.