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Beothuk Institute Incorporated

The Mission of the Beothuk Institute to create, maintain and enhance public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Beothuk People and their prehistoric ancestors, and to initiate, support and/or encourage projects commensurate with this aim.

The Beothuk Institute participates in research projects and archaeological digs in search of the history of the Beothuk people. As a non-profit organization, we lobby government and special interest groups to undertake projects that will help advance our overall mission. We also contribute. in-kind and financially, to these projects. As a strictly volunteer organization, we depend on the generous donations of people who are interested in the Beothuk – not the myth but the people. That support enables us to undertake the work involved.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 173
Norris Arm South, NL A0G 3M0

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Beothuk Institute


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