Fishermen’s Museum and Porter House

Port De Grave Peninsula Heritage Society Inc.

The Fishermen’s Museum was started in 1969 by artist George Noseworthy and a group of local residents who saw the need to preserve and promote the local fishing heritage that was so rapidly changing. A few years later, nearby Porter house was acquired and restored. An adjacent one-room schoolhouse, leased from the Anglican church, has also been restored. The Porter House is furnished much as it was when it was built and is a typical fisherman’s home of that period. Artifacts include fishing equipment, tools, kitchen utensils, and models of various types of boats used in the inshore fishery. Special events at the Museum include slide presentations of old scenes of Port-de-Grave, demonstrations of carding and spinning wool, matting and net-making.

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Fishermen's Museum and Porter House

Hibb's Cove
Port de Grave, Newfoundland A0A 3J0 

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