Pouch Cove Heritage Society

Founded in the spring of 2009 the Pouch Cove Heritage Society is a proud organization in the town that seeks to recognize the events that shaped who we are today and the buildings and sites that show us where we’ve been.

Learn about the rescue of the sinking ship, the Water Witch; join a heritage and storytelling night; or contact the society to discover their current roster of activities and events.

Pouch Cove Museum

The Pouch Cove Museum is an exhibit formerly housed in Town Hall that described the history and culture of the town and tells the stories of many residents and their ancestors.

The museum is currently not operating and is looking for a new home and operators. If you are interested in hosting the museum please reach out to josh@pouchcove.ca to share your ideas and discuss opportunities for partnerships or funding.

Mailing Address:
Pouch Cove Heritage Society
P.O. Box 119
Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0

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Pouch Cove Heritage Society

Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0 


(709) 335-2512

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