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The Whitbourne Museum is housed in the old Whitbourne Railway Station. Sir Robert Bond, Prime Minister of Newfoundland from 1900-1909, built his home, “The Grange,” in Whitbourne. The Museum holds a large collection of photographs and artifacts relating to Bond and his estate. Notable pieces include a pool table with accoutrements, a writing table and numerous other smaller artifacts which reveal Bond’s Whitbourne connection. Other artifacts relate to the Newfoundland Ranger Force, which had its headquarters in Whitbourne, and also the Railway and local community history. The Museum also offers an outstanding 13-volume reference set, including videos and written history, which are available for viewing and provide in-depth information on the history of the town.

Other local attractions include the Sir Robert Bond Park, featuring a rare lichen forest, as well as the Constable Robert Amy monument located next to the local war memorial. Visitors may also see the burial site of Sir Robert Bond in the local Anglican cemetery.

Those interested in medical history may also visit the Markland Cottage Hospital, which now houses the province’s first winery and has recently been declared a Registered Heritage Structure, just a short driving distance from the museum.

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Whitbourne Heritage Museum

Station Road, Route 81 off TCH
Whitbourne, Newfoundland A0B 3K0 

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