Colony of Avalon

Step back in time at the Colony of Avalon, settled in 1621 by Lord Baltimore. Admission includes archaeological dig site, Interpretation Centre, 17th-century gardens and Kitchen, conservation lab and award-winning gift shop. Experience Archaeologist for a Day hands-on packages. Nearby attractions and services include Lighthouse Picnics, Tetley Tea Room, dinner theatre, historic Ferryland, East Coast Trail, whale and bird tours, and sea kayaking. An unforgettable experience.

Active archaeological dig of Lord Baltimore’s Colony of Avalon dating to 1621, Interpretation Centre featuring a selection of the over 2 million artifacts found to date, guided tours, heritage gardens including Gentleman’s, Herb and Vegetable, 17th-century reproduction Kitchen featuring costumed interpreters, fully-equipped conservation laboratory, an award-winning on-site gift shop featuring NL artisans and artifact reproductions. Archaeologist for Day packages and group tours available.

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Colony of Avalon

1 Pool Road
Ferryland, Newfoundland 

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