Fort Point Lighthouse Interpretation Centre

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Fort Point, also known as Admiral’s Point, was fortified in 1746 with three batteries mounting 18  guns, a store house, a powder magazine, barracks for 224 soldiers and a pavilion for 9 officers, all surrounded by parapets and palisades.  During the 1740s, the Fort was garrisoned with only one artillery officer and 20 men, and an infantry officer with 30 soldiers. In 1748, theses fortifications were improved as they appear in “A Plan of the Admirals Point in Trinity Harbour, Newfoundland in 1748.” This plan shows a 15 gun battery, a 3 gun battery and a 4 gun battery, parapet walls, Storekeepers Hut, Gunners Hut, Storehouse, Magazine and intended Barracks. This “intended barracks” was probably built soon after to accommodate the garrison of Royal Artillery men. The Fort was destroyed by the French during a short occupation of 10 days in 1762 and was not rebuilt. The site received its first navigational light in 1871 and while now automated was a staffed light house until the late 1990s. The Trinity Historical Society restored the four remaining cannons; created a foot path around the site and restored the former Light House Keeper’s House as an Interpretation Centre for the historic site in 2011-2012.

Trinity Historical Society Inc. (THS) was founded in 1964 as a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in 1971 and registered as a charity in 1977. It owns and operates the Trinity Historical Society Archives (1966), Trinity Museum (1967), Green Family Forge (1991), the Court House, Gaol and General Building (1996), Lester-Garland House (1997) and Cooperage (2007) and oversees the operation of the Fort Point Lighthouse Interpretation Centre.

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